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    High Definition Audio Controller and ALC888 Codec (ICH7)

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      I try to write simple HD Audio driver for QNX 4.5. I use the 945g chipset (ICH7) with High Definition Controller which is connected to Realtek ALC888 Audio Codec. I only need play one simple wave file using this codec.


      I've initialized controller as is written in Intel® I/O Controller Hub 7 (ICH7) / Intel® High Definition Audio / AC'97 Programmer's Reference Manual (PRM), but unfortunately it doesn't work. The CORB/RIRB mechanism work properly and there is possibility to send and receive data to/from codec. I suppose that OSD0 stream is configured properly too, because the OSD0LPIB register (OSD0 Link Position in Buffer) counts from 0 to value in the Cyclic Buffer Length. On the HD Audio Controller side everything seems all right except one things. Then I run the OSD0 stream (RUN bit in OSD0 Stream Descriptor Control Register) the Received Master Abort (RMA) bit in PCI Status Register is set.


      Have I missed something or maybe I should check something else?


      I'll be very thankful for any help and hints.