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    ATCA: Featured Community Content

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      I’ve noticed that there has been a lot of recent community activity surrounding ATCA applications.  For our members who have an interest in this topic, I am providing some convenient links below to some community posts that I think provide particularly valuable content:    


      Technical Paper:  A Smooth Transition to 40G

      By RadiSys


      Technical Blog: Deep Packet Inspection – Multicore-Assisted Heavy Lifting for ATCA Systems

      By Roving Reporter Steve Leibson


      Technical Blog: Getting to Five “9”s—ATCA System Design for Telecom-Level Reliability

      By Roving Reporter Steve Leibson


      White Paper:  When High Performance Really Matters in Military/ Aerospace - Why ATCA is the Ideal Solution

      By RadiSys


      Technical Blog:  How do you fit 26 Intel cores and 2switches in a 3U MicroTCA System

      By Advantech


      Technical Blog:  Are you ready for 40G ATCA?

      By Emerson Network Power


      Solutions Directory:  View Intel® Embedded Alliance member solutions for ATCA

      By Intel® Embedded Alliance


      Technical Blog:  Autonegotiation Ensures Backward Compatibility and Future Proofing in ATCA Systems

      By Roving Reporter Steve Leibson


      Video:  Field Testing MicroTCA

      By Emerson Network Power


      Technical Paper: The Enea System Manager, Changing the way ATCA Platforms are Delivered

      By RadiSys


      ….More ….   Search the Intel® Embedded Community for additional ATCA content


      Enjoy Reading!


      Have you read any content that you would recommend to the community?  What other aspects of ATCA would you like to see covered?