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    In-Vehicle Infotainment: Featured Community Content

    Felix_M BlackBelt


      I’ve noticed that there has been a lot of recent community activity surrounding In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI).  For our members who have an interest in this topic, I am providing some convenient links below to some community posts that I think provide particularly valuable content:    


      Technical Blog: 4-part series:

        IVI Part 1: Open source steers auto tech development

        IVI Part 2: Software platforms enhance the driving experience

        IVI Part 3: Reference design outlines roadmap for hardware

        IVI Part 4: Innovative technologies geek out vehicle apps

      By Roving Reporter Jennifer Hesse


      Technical Blog:  Development shortcuts on the infotainment highway

      By Roving Reporter Mark Scantlebury


      Have you read any content that you would recommend to the community?  What other aspects of IVI would you like to see covered?