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    IEGD 10.1/10.2 with Ubuntu 9.04 & SuSE 11.0 on US15W works, now some questions

    Green Belt


      Hello all,

      at last, I finally made the IEGD running on my Atom+US15W platform. I want to summarize the problems I had under linux here, hoping it helps to improve the package build process and install scripts for the IEGD CED.

      1.) the iegd_mod.ko module

      after building this and trying to load under Ubuntu 9.04 I first got a kernel crash coming from some null pointer dereference. I found out that include files like agp.h and drmP.h are delivered both in the kernel and with the IEGD package - with struct typedefs (e.g. struct drm_driver) in different versions, which caused the problem!
      For me, it worked after I used the kernels drmP.h instead the delivered one. Wouldnt it be better to use the kernels headers,if they are present? the same goes with agp.h, here I had to change some call like agp_alloc_pages() to agp_generic_alloc_pages().

      After all the necessary modifications are not that much, but pretty difficult if not impossible
      for non-kernel-developers.

      2.) the xorg.conf and *.so files

      I built different configurations already, I wonder why the generated xorg.conf is called something like "null\\IEGD_10_1.x", I guess thats from the generating program.
      After manually altering and adding some attributes I was able to run my desktop in single and dual head configurations. I can play a DVD under Suse11 with the X.org server version 1.4 but not under Ubuntu with the 1.6 server. There seem to be bigger changes with X.org 1.6 so are older X servers recommended? I used the ffmpeg and mplayer-vaapi sources for DVD decode.


      Also I realized some performance gain in the 10.2 drivers, like less CPU usage while decoding.