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    IEGD and igfxtray

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      Sorry if this is stupid question but is it possible to install igfxtray.exe and other services that come with Intel MID drivers over IEGD drivers?

      I have a netbook with GMA 500 which I connect to a KVM switch and I'd like to use display Clone and widescreen "scrolling" features but I'm unable to do so with IEGD.

      Intel MID driver for GMA 500 is unusable on netbooks since it has serious problems with DirectDraw :( So I had to install IEGD


      I've compiled IEGD with dual-display clone setting and picked random DVO device (since I don't know which one is installed in my BenQ Joybook U121) and it detects my external monitor but cloning does not seem to work after system boot. At same time, I can use the external monitor to extend my desktop using Windows display settings. Does it mean that I've picked sDVO device correctly?


      Thank you.

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          Hi igneus:


          Welcome to the Intel® Embedded Community. 


          I have long subscribed to the principle that no question is a stupid question, so no worries there!  


          As our name suggests, theis community is focused on embedded applications and it seems you are trying to solve a problem with your notebook, a consumer product.  We'll see if someone out there might know the answer to your question but you might not be in quite the right place.  Have you tried contacting the support folks at your notebook manufacturer? 


          Good luck,