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    Robot News : Week of Dec 7 2009


      Nao - a robot that sees, speaks, reacts to touch and surfs the web
      By Jeff Salton The versatile humanoid robot Nao caught Gizmag's attention at the 2009 International Robot Exhibition (irex 2009). What Nao lacks in size, ...
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      Gift Tip 57: wowwee Joebot Robot
      Joebot is the first wowwee robot that can be controlled by voice commands and will respond to certain key phrases. wowwee's Joebot is a traditional walking ...
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      WowWee’s Joebot is a traditional walking robot, but comes with a new “fast and fluid” motion that should see him zipping around your living room less stiffly than the Robosapien. He can tell jokes, beat box, dance, play a game of Simon Says and even have a fight with you – shoot him with an IR remote control and he’ll enact a little “death” scene. And when he does fall over, he’ll even ask you to help him back up. In Beatbox mode, Joebot plays back up to 200 beats in a row. Joebot can detect obstacles and avoid them on his own.

      The WowWee Joebot is like a wacky cartoon character full of jokes and hilarious comments. Eyes and mouth light up when he talks. The artificial intelligence level is very high and he uses latest technology and algorithms for a whole new level of interactivity. Joebot features joystick hands that allow you to control and program him. IR Sensors allow Joebot to “see” most objects in front of him. The volume control is very good and is automatically adjusted by artificial intelligence. In Patrol Mode Joebot will walk around freely and let you know what he thinks about his surroundings. Joebot entertains you with the help of his hilarious Conversation Demo. With his Dance Demo Joebot will show off his moves with one of his dance routines.


      Robotics & Automation: Robotic News and Updates
      By V2
      Army enlists robots to clear munitions near Pokai Bay By Gregg K. Kakesako The Army will undertake an unprecedented $2.5 million underwater robotics demonstration project beginning in October designed to remove . ...
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      Robotics: Buy Robot Dog Help | Ezine Article Directory
      By Mike Smith
      Robotic dogs are robots built to appear like dogs in appearance and conduct. Nearly all robot dogs are in a position to woof and wiggle their tail.
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      @intel_stewart: I like this article from ECN on Home Robotics and the law http://bit.ly/4Q8MpJ  Eric Horvitz  homepage  http://bit.ly/8fA1U3