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    A better FreeBSD's "rc.d" script for TOLAPAI (EP80579) IEGBE driver

    Green Belt

      Hello all,


      The Tolapai's "Embedded.B.1.0.3" driver package for FreeBSD adds a rc.d script to load the iegbe.ko driver.

      The original script installed in' /usr/local/etc/rc.d' is supposed to load the kernel driver to activate the integrated GbE interface. Okay it works, but it is not very handy...


      If you want define the IP configuration in 'rc.conf' the original script will be probably executed "too late" (after the network interface configuration).

      So I suggest an improved script to load the module.


      Just add this script (rename it without the '.txt') in '/etc/rc.d'.

      Then add 'intelgbe="YES"' in 'rc.conf'

      Then reboot...


      Now you can add your 'ifconfig' startup definitions in 'rc.conf' and, this time, the integrated GbE interfaces will be properly configured.


      That's all folks!


      Note: No, 'iegbe_load="YES"' in '/boot/loader.conf' will not work...