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    DXVA issue on GMA500

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      Did anybody face an issue on GMA500 controller like this:

      I have MSI industrial unit MS-9A06 with 2Gb RAM and XP Professional. I'm using Media Player Classic from K-Lite codec pack 5.5.1 with MPCVideoDec supporting DXVA for h264 and VC1. When I try to play HD .mkv video (1280x720 or 1920x1080) - player simply shuts itself off after 1-2 minutes of play. Nothing else happens afterwards - no error messages, no fatal error, etc. Looks like there's a hardware issue - incorrect interacting with MPCVideoDec filter. The same thing happens when I try to scroll fast forward. If I turn DXVA support off - player doesn't exit but CPU is overloaded (100\%). Any suggestions, please.

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          Hi Captain81


          Welcome to the Intel® Embedded Community.


          It appears that the MSI unit is based on Intel® Atom.   I want to make you aware of a special place to go with your technical questions on Atom. The Intel e-Help desk is staffed by Intel representatives dedicated to answering embedded Intel® architecture product, design and development questions for select Intel processors, including Atom and US15W.


          The Intel e-Help desk is only available to registered private users. Before you can access e-Help, you will first have to upgrade your community membership to private status. Private account status also allows you to access special documents and tools at the Intel® Embedded Design Center. Note that it usually takes a few days for the approval process, and it normally requires that your company has a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Intel. If you are interested, Click here to go to your ‘My Account’ page and request registered private access.


          In the meantime, let's see if someone in the community can help you with an answer.


          On another note, have you tried to ask this question to MSI? 



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              Thanks! No, I didn't ask this question to MSI, but I've noticed that this thing happens on certain frame in video. Some video I can play with no problem, but other create this issue. And it happend on the same frame (precisely at the same timestamp). Anyway, thanks. I will ask this question to e-Help desk.