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    GS45 Standard Vista VGA Driver

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      The only thing Embedded about this question is the target of the computer module being developed.

      My question is if it is possible to modify the vista driver .inf file so that it always selects the integrated graphics VGA output over the LVDS output. Our problem is after installation of the driver on a fresh install of Vista (32bit), you can't see anything because it defaults to dual display mode, and its showing the password entry on the wrong (not connected) screen.

      Typing in the password blind is annoying.


      I have attempted various BIOS (unfortunately not EFI BIOS) modifications and it just appears that the bios can't modify the driver behavior at all.


      I realize this is far off question, perhaps a link to the proper forum would be answer enough for me right now.




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          Hi, Tony:

          Wecome to the Intel® Embedded Community.  

          If I understand your question, you are developing an embedded computer module but the problem you are experiencing is on a standard desktop or laptop PC ?  If that is the case then I would suggest two possibilities:

          1.  Contact the support team of your PC manufacturer.

          2.  Check out this Intel site to make sure you have the latest drivers: 


          In the meantime, let's see if someone in the community can help.

          Good Luck,




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              I have a GS45 chipset board under development. Attempting to load on a standard Vista Driver (v15.13.6.1908) . The board is designed under the assumption that the VGA port will be the primary output.

              The assumption of the chipset , is that this will be a laptop, so I am guessing that the driver configures itself with the panel output as the primary display.


              After installation of the driver under Vista, the system reboots but you get a blank display, because the assumption on the part of the driver is that you have a flatpanel output connected up (because its a laptop , right?). After you get into the Vista main screen you can change it to be VGA monitor only.


              I imagine that part of the .inf file that configures the driver contains default registry parameters to pick the output to use and I am looking for guidance on that point.


              However I don't know where to ask on this massive site. I started here, but I am figuring after the post that this isn't the proper forum.


              Anyways, I appreciate your reply.






              Tony Marchini