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    "SilverLight Full Screen Video Sutting" at IEGD 10.2.2

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      "SilverLight High definition Full Screen Video Sutting" at IEGD 10.2.2


      I is Korean.
      Therefore, communication failures can occur on the language point that appreciate your patience.
      I US15W (Z520 & Driver GMA500 or IEGD) is used.
      Students will listen, I'm a video lesson.
      [Microsoft SilverLight-based]

      http://edu.ingang.go.kr/LMS/eduport/front/study/content/stuContentList09.jsp?pMainImgCode=002&pMainCode=011&pTeacherId=_teach0928&pCrsCode=1406&pCrsName = High 1 국어 (phase) 1-4 won thorough Teach & pSqNo = 1 & pYear = 2010

      Above to access this page [고화질2] When you press the button to start your
      Is subtly that you can experience gaps.
      This codec is vc1
      Suggestions if you please suggest.
      We do not know Korean, I believe in service.
      Thank you.


      or [ http://www.nextcdn.com/Silverlight.htm ] at Full Screen SD Test Possible