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    US15W WinCE6 GDI Alphablend HW Acceleration

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      Hi All,


      our customer uses a Atom Z510/US15W COM Module for its GUI. This GUI runs under WinCE6 RC3 and uses AlphaBlend GDI-Functions to create the HMI-User Interface. The results of performance test of the user interface are poor. That means we expect that no HW-acceleration on GDI-Alphablend functions took place. 


      Is this correct? Will there be an feature update to support hw-acc on GDI-Alphablend functions in WinCE6 RC3? For our customer its an showstopper not to have this kind of acc - he switched from ARM to X86 exactly because of the need of an more performant GUI!






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          Kirk Brown Belt

          Current POR does not show h/w accelerated alpha-blending (GDI Alpha blit) or pixel conversions as being supported.  This is a prioity call by our platform teams.  We would like to have everything possible be accelerated as much as possible but we do not have an infinite number of development resources so we need to either skip certain features, or stage them over time.  The best thing to do is to work with your Intel field rep to influence the platform teams to prioritize this feature for our roadmap in the future.


          Hope this helps.  Kirk