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    Failed to initialize graphics gma 500

    Green Belt

      Hello, I have a problem with any of the IEGD including the new 10.3 version.


      My 3d programs are all failing to start and are all getting a similar error message that a graphics device was not found or it failed to initialize.  The strange thing is that the DirectX tests of DXDIAG run just fine.


      If I use the regular gma 500 drivers (the non-IEGD), the 3d programs run and work but I need the performance that the IEGD offers.


      Any suggestions would be greatly, immensely appreciated.


      I am using Windows XP.

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          Felix_M BlackBelt

          Hi Bob


          Welcome to the  Intel® Embedded Community. 


          The community is focused on embedded applications.  Can you say a little more about the platform you are using, i.e. which Intel processor ?





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              Green Belt

              Intel z520 1.33ghz cpu, with 1gb ddr2 memory and of course the gma 500 graphics.

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                  Kirk Brown Belt

                  There is a newer version of IEGD (10.1.3) that you should be able to get.  I am not sure it will fix you particular issue as we did not see any problems like that with the 10.1.0 release.  I wonder if you simply have an install issue?  Sometimes if you try to install IEGD over the top of either a GMA driver (without uninstalling the GMA first) or other copies of IEGD, Windows can mix up drivers from different pieces of the drivers.


                  If you boot with the F8 option and start up in "VGA Mode" then clean up the drivers and do a clean install of IEGD using the setup utility, that may clear up the issue.  In a worst case situation, you might need to reinstall Windows to straighten it out (happens here sometimes).  This is a shot in the dark as we do not have any other reports of issues like this in the field.


                  Hope this helps. Kirk