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    need advice from intel embedded community

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      I have an Acer A0751h, I only run linux on my machines, and prefer to keep the software up to date.  I run the latest stable kernel (currently, and would prefer to run latest X server (I am currently forced to stay on 1.6.3, but would really like to move to 1.7)


      I just have one question.  Should I cut my losses and try to return/sell this netbook, or should I hold out for IEGD drivers that will fit my platform?


      I was able to compile the latest 10.3 driver, but ran into issues with the driver's drm not matching up with the kernels drm.  I understand the enormity of what you are trying to do.  I just need to know cause if I wait too long, I will not be able to recover any portion of the investment I made on this hardware.


      I appreaciate your time and advice,


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          I've Moblin 2.1 (2.6.31 kernel, 1.6.4 X server) and IEGD 10.2/10.3 working on this Acer Netbook perfectly fine. You should be able to get this working with 1.7 X server as welll but mileage may vary.


          The trick is to make sure you modify your xorg.conf file for the LVDS panel for this Netbook.


          For porting IEGD to any other distro, make sure you follow: http://edc.intel.com/Download.aspx?id=2796&returnurl=/Software/Downloads/IEGD/default.aspx



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              I sincerely appreciate your response.  So I will give it a few more go's before I throw in the towel.  Just a few points I need to get clarified from your post.


              I tried to follow the instructions in the pdf document you suggested.  That is how I even got them installed on my system.  I also followed the add on instructions provided at nanoant.com.  I think that the intel document is well written and very helpful.  Eventually everything compiled, but drm_test would fail.


              1.) you say you have Moblin 2.1 installed:  I have just downloaded  moblin-2.1-final-20091103-002.img, but the release notes for that say it is not supported on my hardware.  I will see if I can install it, then install the IEGD 10.3 drivers with it.  As an asside, a few weeks ago I downloaded the moblin-2.1-PR-Final-ivi-201002090924.img and tried that, but ran into many issues.


              2.) can you recommend/supply your xorg.conf.


              3.) You say I should be able to get this working with 1.7 X server, but I really don't see how you can say that.  The x server driver is binary and is not compatible with 1.7.x X server.  I have tried X server 1.7 and the server crashes on startup.


              thank you for your time,