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    Thermal Test Vehicle

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      I am trying to reproduce a processor's thermal behavior so I can design a new cooling system based on Spray Cooling for my Master Thesis.

      I've been searching around and I've found out that Intel has a Thermal Test Vehicle (http://edc.intel.com/Platforms/Tool-Loaner-Program/Thermal-Test-Vehicle/) exactly built with this porpoise.

      Can anyone tell me how can I purchase this kind of equipment?


      Thank you for the attention.

      José Guerreiro

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          Hello, José


          Welcome to the Intel® Embedded Community.


          My colleagues at Intel confirm that these units are available.  The good news is that it might even be possible to provide it without cost. 


          However there is a complication.  The use of these units requires Intel confidential information.  Therefore we must establish a Confidential Non-Discloure Agreement (CNDA).  Is it possible that your Professor or your department of the University might already have such a relationship with Intel?   Can you please check on that? 







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              Hello Felix!


              I'm sorry I haven't respond you earlier. I spoke with my professor about the Nondisclosure Agreement but he couldn't tell if there was any. Meanwhile I've applied for privileged access so I could receive a TTV but I haven't had a response yet. Do you know how many day does this verification usually takes?


              Thank for the attention


              José Guerreiro