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    Xorg 1.7 Support

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      More and More Linux distributions moved to Xorg 1.7, but Intel's IEGD driver don't support it yet (right ?)


      Most of the time, there are no easy ways to run previous Xorg versions, without breaking the system.


      Many people (me) are waiting this Xorg-1.7  compatible release.


      Please save my netbook (Intel poulsbo chipset) from beeing sold on ebay due to lack of Linux Support.


      Thx !



      Olivier Fauchon


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          Kirk Brown Belt

          POR is to support 1.7 on an upcoming release for US15w and that family of devices only for Meego and similar distributions.  We are still a few months away yet for an embedded graphics driver support, however, the open source Linux driver for US15w is likely to support Xorg 1.7 now and you can upgrade to the faster embedded driver when it is available later this quarter.

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              Hi Kirk,


              Can I bug you to elaborate just a bit more (and just so we are all clear, we are not talking about Xorg 1.7, we are talking about xorg server 1.7)...


              1) Are you saying that there is a special release of the IEGD drivers for Meego?


              2) "however, the open source Linux driver for US15W is likely to support Xorg 1.7 now..."  Are you referring to the "psb" driver, if so, that has not and will not support Xserver 1.7 or is there another open source driver you are referring to.


              Thank you for your time on this forum.

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                He Kirk,


                I would really appreciate if you could eleborate more. I've seen the POR and tried to get both IEGD 10.3.1 to run under xorg-server 1.7 on FC12 but without evail.


                attached some of my loggings.

                (II) LoadModule: "iegd"

                (WW) Warning, couldn't open module iegd

                (II) UnloadModule: "iegd"

                (EE) Failed to load module "iegd" (module does not exist, 0)

                (EE) No drivers available.


                IEGD_MOD is loaded however.


                also with the PSB driver I've witnessed that it brakes on 1.7. 


                I've seen that only moblin 2.1 with the IEGD driver and Xorg-server 1.6.4 is given appropriate display or ubuntu with the PSB driver.


                Any help would be appreciated.



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                    Kirk Brown Belt

                    Current builds of IEGD only support up to xserver 1.6 as found in Moblin 2.1 (and other distros).


                    There are minor changes and a totally new build to support Xserver 1.7 (that is the way Xserver is designed- you need to build your graphics driver for X specifically for the Xserver version you are using).  That does not yet exisit in a generally available release.  Meego 1.0 will be POR (it replaces the Moblin 2.2 that was POR before).


                    I agree that you cannot get a Linux distro that supports Xserver 1.7 to work currently- we never said it would...


                    I work with the embedded graphics, not the Open Source ones and I assumed they would continue to support later Linux distros (they usually lead the embedded drivers for support of new distros).


                    Could I suggest temporarily using Moblin 2.1 which is a fairly modern release that does use IEGD drivers?  The "In Vehicle Infotainment" (IVI) version is very IEGD friendly.


                    Other thant that, you will need to wait to get Xserver 1.7 capability in a future release that should be out this quarter.   Please work with your Intel Field Represetative to access the latest POR updates that are available through them.





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                        Thank you for clarifying.


                        I actually have installed moblin 2.1 ivi just to see how the drivers worked in a "supported" disrto.  My first test was to test if I could watch HD video on youtube.com using latest flash plugin.  That test failed.  And the system froze on me once, and was not able to find out why.  Still evaluating though.


                        later, cgriffith

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                          Green Belt


                          Thanks for clarifying, clear answer. I will.

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                              Kirk Brown Belt

                              Video playback on Moblin is a bit "odd".  If you were trying to use the Clutter based video playback, you would experience issues as the compositing that clutter wants to do is not fully supported by IEGD.  You can use FFMPEG (with the Splitted Desktop patch to add VA API) or a Gstreamer with the Fluendo codec pack (VA API enabled) THEN video would be fine.


                              I do hava a slight correction, it looks like Meego is skipping xserver 1.7 and going to 1.8 so unless we add a distro like Fedora 12 to our POR, we may also skip 1.7 in the embedded drivers.   I guess we will have to see if the embedded platform teams get their act together about Fedora 12.


                              Sorry for any confusion.