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    Unknown Device in Device Manager - ACPI

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      I did some testing on the Montevina Pillar Rock Fab 3 CRB.


      When iRDA is enabled, there is a yellow bang in the device manager.


      I have tried different OS like Windows XP, Vista and 7, same results.


      My question is very simple; where do i get this driver for Montevina board?


      If you check the montevina user guide, you may find more information about the super i/o.

      See section 2.3.11-2.3.12

      Document Name: 368019_368019_PR_CRB_User_Guide_Rev_2.0.pdf


      I have attached a screenshot for the unknown device.


      I have tried the public CIR (winbond) driver for desktop board, it does not work since the super io are from different manufacturer.


      Appreciate any help on this.


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