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    BIOS source code

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      Does intel gives the BIOS source code of Eval board  inorder to customize to my requirements.

      please help out

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          Hi, CRL


          Can you please say which eval board you are interested in?





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            hello CRL:


            many moons ago, iirc, IBM used to publish the PC-XT BIOS source code in the XT manual. now, the BIOS is major IP and many companies spend a lot of time and effort to create a new BIOS from the specifications issued by Intel Corp. BIOS source code is not OpenSource.


            typically, a BIOS company would require you to sign an Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and then you would need to purchase their BIOS software. they will usually also have a BIOS software development environment and the purchase would give you access to source code as well as the development environment. the latter is useful to customize the BIOS for your own specific use.


            this may vary from board to board.


            have a good evening,




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              Aaron already gave you a good summary of the BIOS business model, so there's no need to rehash that ...


              The Intel embedded reference BIOS is based on code from AMI (our AMIBIOS8 or Aptio product) but is not designed to ship on a commercial product. The BIOS delivered by Intel on CRB has some tweaks for debugging and evaluating the chipset. Using our development tools, customers tweak the reference BIOS code to support features for their product (changing or removing the Super I/O, improving boot time, adding hardware, etc.).


              If you contact me off-list with the name of the Intel reference board, we can discuss the specifics of getting hooked up with BIOS development tools and source code.


              Thanks ... br