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    Embedded Stereoscopic 3D

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      Does any Intel hardware work with page flip stereoscope 3D (eg Shutter Glasses)?  I would like to drive a 3D LCD with my SBC using US15A directly using the LVDS interface or the VGA connector using a Chrontel CH7317A.  In my experience drive 3D displays with shutter glasses can be tricky.  Ive been using a nVidia video card in a desktop but can be tricky due to dropped frames.  Due to the fact that I need to drive the display at 120 Hz my pixel clock frequencies are very high at 86MHz (for for a wvga display).

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          Hi Sykora


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          When you say "... any Intel hardware..." can you please clarify what it is you are seeking.  Are you looking for a graphics engine?   Are you building a custom SBC? 








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              I'm using an existing SBC that has the hardware that I listed in the start of this thread.  I would prefer to drive my stereoscopic display with that hardware, but if it can't be done I would be open to using something else.  So my question is multi folded...


              1) Can the my SBC which has the LVDS directly connected driven by the US15A or using the a VGA interface by the Chrontel CH7317A?  If not is this a software limitation or specifically a hardware limitation?


              2) What other Intel hardware is capable of driving a stereoscopic (shutter glasses) 3D display?  This is not limited to embedded chips, I would be interested in learning about intel solutions for driving stereoscopic 3D displays from low to high end solutions.

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                  Hi Sykora,


                  Is your SBC uses Z5xx+US15W platform? 


                  Our hardware supports Z5xx+US15W with CH7317 for VGA. I too noticed that 3D displays are not playing properly in US15W platform. It looks like, this is IEGD driver issue. Similar thread I opened in EDC. You can find at;




                  The suggested solution is GMA500 driver with Windows XP SP3, though this driver is not supported by Intel embedded group. You can try GMA500 driver on the SBC you have.