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    Windows XP : Appears Blank Screen in SVDO Configuration using IEGD(Version 10.3.1) for US15W

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      Hi Team,


      We want to bring up the CRT display in US15W chipset using IEGD Software driver in Windows XP.


      We use Chrontel CH7317A for coverting SDVO to VGA. We followed the instructions provided in the IEGD User Manual and created the driver file and installed the same.


      We see the BIOS Screen coming in CRT and also "Windows Starting...." message coming in CRT. After that we expect the login screen, but we see a black screen.  Looks like the windows has booted up properly, its only the display is not coming up properly. We also hear the Windows startup audio.


      The Screen shot of configuration and package is attached along with this message. The INF file is also renamed as .txt file and attached. 


      It would be really great, if anyone help us out in this regard.


      Please do the needful.