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    d510mo ,640x480i

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      im willing to pay for a iegd driver supporting 640 x 480 at 15khz,please contact me if interested.



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          Kirk Brown Belt

          Have you tried creating your own DTD for that mode (assuming the chipset dot clock will go that low) then setting the driver to only use your DTD and set "fixed timing" in the port screen?  I believe that will force the driver to use that mode even when the driver is told to use Mode 3.


          Additionally, you can tell the VBIOS to set your special mode (0x121 I believe) for boot and that should make that mode be your primary mode,


          The only problem MAY be the use of mode 7 for text as that is 700 x 480 which will not fit within the display you want to set.


          We do have ISV's that are authorized to work on IEGD code which we could get you in touch with if coding is required to support this capablity.