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    Stop Error BSOD at Shutdown/Restart GM45 IEGD

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      GM45 board with IEGD VGA/CRT Graphics Driver

      Windows Embedded Standard 2009 with the April 2010 Update/Patches


      Occasionally about 1 in 5 to 10 times the system will cause a Stop Error blue screen during Shutdown/Restart.  We have never experienced any problems other than during Shutdown/Restart.  If we remove the IEGD graphics driver (run with nothing but Windows basic graphics driver) this never occurs.



      STOP:0x0000000A (0x00000000, 0x0000001C, 0x00000001, 0x804E7C18)


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          Kirk Brown Belt

          We not aware of any issues in the driver that casues this for any active versions on IEGD.  May I assume you are using the latest 10.x?


          It is important you do NOT install IEGD over the top of another graphics driver (such as the Intel GMA or HD graphics driver).  If you have done this, you may need to try doing a VGA Mode start of Windows, then unistall ALL drivers on the system, then do a CLEAN install of IEGD from VGA mode and see if that corrects the issue.


          If you are building IEGD into your Embedded build, you might try doing a "live" install of IEGD rather than trying to include it via an SLD conversion of your INF generated by CED.  It is just another data point.   Something else to keep in mind that we test using Windows XP Embedded rather than the newer version under the "Standard 2009" version so something may be going on there but the chances of that are small.


          Hope this helps.

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              I am using IEGD 10.3.1 - Build 1550


              I have unistalled an IEGD driver and then Installed a different IEGD driver.

              But I have not installed on top of another driver IEGD or the notebook GM45 driver.


              Any chance uninstalling one IEGD, iHDMI-C / DVI and CRT clone and replacing it with a CRT/VGA only driver may have caused the problem?


              I do not have the driver as an SLD.  I simply use the Install tool in the Installation Package.


              Thanks For the Reply.


              I have several systems that need to ship soon.

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                  Kirk Brown Belt

                  I am double checking with our Premier Support team to see if this has been reported before, but as far as I know, we do not have any open issues like this.


                  Since the installation is correct, the only other thing that comes to mind that it could be is some sort of driver interaction with another add-on driver on your system.  Is it possible you have some other "special" driver that could be trying to use the interrupts normally used by graphics?

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                      The root cause was a NTFS DataRAM Ramdisk.

                      With this eliminated the IEGD driver is fine.


                      With the IEGD driver installed the STOP Error is much more frequent.


                      However, I removed the IEGD and used a shutdown batch file to continuously restart the PC every 1-1/2 minutes overnight and eventually the STOP Error occured without the IEGD installed.


                      I apoligize for the false alarm.