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    HW acceleration on GMA500 (US15W) with Windows7

    McLion Brown Belt



      I am trying to figure out what Standards are supported with which driver in Win7.

      I found the Intel doc 322503 which describes the Supported Standards for different OS with IEGD, but Win7 is not listed.

      I also can not find a doc which specifies the features for the GMA500 Media Accelerator driver. Does it support MPEG2 HW decoding, or do I really have to use the IEGD for that?


      Could somebody please help in that? I am specifically looking for MPEG2 DXVA2 support and for Adobe Flash - I know this should work but I dont think it does - with Windows 7.


      Another question: Does somebody happen to know if the MS shipped MPEG2 decoder supports DXVA(2) on this platform?





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          Kirk Brown Belt

          IEGD does not currently work on Windows 7.  We do support Vista in an XPDM mode (no advanced features) but there is a limitation with Windows 7.


          The new EMGD embedded driver will officially support Win7 with the 1.5 release but again that will be XPDM mode until we do a version mid-year 2011 (plans can change).  XPDM means no DXVA2 but it DOES support DXVA.


          The GMA500 driver for Windows 7 is fully DXVA/DXVA2 enabled but you DO need to find a DXVA aware codec.  On all the drivers, celeration can be used with the FULL decode process (starting at VLD) instead of just the MC entry that most solutions provide.


          It is not clear if the MPEG2 codec in Win 7 will use DXVA2 VLD or DXVA2 MC- that might be best asked of Microsoft (they change things regularly and we cannot keep track).


          I think you would find that codecs with WinDVD anf the like ARE fully DXVA enabled so you might try those.


          Adobe flash is a different thing and you should be sure to use the absolute latest version (10.1) to get the best Atom experience possible.  They are not yet fully optimized for Atom so HD content in Flash player is problematic.  We are trying to work with Adobe on this but we need Adobe to want to help more than they are willing at this point.


          Hope this helps