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      • Re: iegd 10.3.1 "bad_page" error message on wrslinux ver3.0
        Kirk Brown Belt

        There is some interesting stuff that goes on "under the hood" sometimes.  This looks like it may be related to an oddity in the memory-mapped IO handling of the US15w.  If there was an actual problem in these areas, it would be VERY obvious as it would crash the system.  Because you have X running, I believe you can safely ignore the warnings and operate in safety.


        As a side note, you might want to take a look at the EMGD 1.0 release that is also now available as that implements a more efficient architecture for US15w (and future related products) and *may* have implemented this area in a more elegant way to avoid the issue all together.  http://edc.intel.com/Software/Downloads/EMGD/


        Hope this helps.