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    Problems initializing the Intel 82567LM-3 LAN Controller

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      I am writing some windows wdm test driver for the 82567LM-3 with ICH10.


      I am having problems with setting the SWFLAG bit from the extended configuration control register (EXTCNF_CTRL 0x00f00h). The problems is that this bit does not stick when programmed to 1.


      Do I need to configure other registers before I can program the SWFLAG. I have gone through the linux driver source code that they doesn't seem to need to configure other things prior to this.

      Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.



      Ronald Tan


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          Felix_M BlackBelt

          Hi Ronald,


          Welcome to the Intel® Embedded Community.


          The info below is provided by one of Intel's experts on the 82567.


          Please check out the Software developer’s manual at the link below:




          Chapter 7.6 describes the interaction with the hardware, software, and Firmware semaphores.  Table 65 describes the details of the Extended Configuration Control which has the SWFLAG bit. 


          If the SWFLAG bit is not sticking, it is likely that the semaphore is owned by either the hardware or the firmware.  Please check if the Semaphore is already owned and if not then try writing the bit.


          Let us know if this helps.