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    Booting the E6xx over LPC?

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      Boot question Regarding the E6xx processor:


      "The processor can actually be used standalone because it can boot from a range of on-chip interfaces including LPC and SPI flash."


      and the datasheet (publicly available from EDC*) says:


      "Note: Boot from LPC is not supported." (page 35)

      "Note: Boot with the LPC interface is not validated." (page 56)


      I would like to know more about booting the E6xx from LPC.







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          My reply is based off of my technical readings of the collateral for the e6xx processor and associated chipset.


          I think Intel recommends use of the IOH but the LPC interface does support use of a flash.


          If you go look at ADI Engineering (http://www.adiengineering.com), they have done precisely that. THey have a "Thin E6xx board that has a single chip solution (no IOH) with just the e6xx processor + LPC NAND flash that contains the bootable image. They use a CPLD that bridges between LPC and NAND and acts as a controller.


          hope that helps,

          Ramakrishna saripalli (Intel corporation)