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    945GME S3 sleep

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      I have a COM ETX board based on 945GME which I am having Windows sleep problems.

      The system goes to sleep (S3) but in the wake up process the video doesn´t come out. I can hear the fan and HD starting, but no video.

      If I setup S1 on BIOS, the sleep works and it can wake up properly.

      I am using standard Intel graphics drivers for Windows. Should I try embedded graphic drivers?


      Does anyone has a clue? The S3 saves much more energy than S1.

      PS. this board is installed on a CARPC system.


      Thank you,

      Joselito Maciel.

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          Kirk Brown Belt

          We have found that MOST S3 issues with video re-init at power up after S3 are caused by the SYSTEM BIOS.  Are you using the latest one available for the board?


          You could try the embedded graphics driver but I'd bet it will have the same issue.  It sure will not hurt if you configure it properly for your board.


          Hope this helps.