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    Can I get 'cadul' the vendor daemon of the CAD-UL 8.3 for Solaris 8?

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      Dear all,


      I'm stack in a trouble, and it would be great if anyone knows how to solve this.


      I'm using CAD-UL x86 compiler v8.3 on Solaris 8, and of course I have a license.

      License server was installed on the other host, but it has been gotten rid of.

      I activated the license server on my EWS, and found that I don't have the vendor daemon. From the memo of my colleague, /etc/opt/licenses/licenses_combine was modified as follows;


      original: DAEMON cadul /usr/local/flexlm


      modified: DAEMON cadul /etc/opt/licenses/cadul/cadul


      It suggets there is a vendor daemon 'cadul' but I don't have it.

      Is there any way to get it?


      Thank you for your advice in advance.