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    Problem with second Eth controller (WG82574L)

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      My design consists of an Q7 module based Intel ATOM processor, chipset US15W. On the carrier board of this module there are two ethernet ports, each controlled by an Intel WG82574L controller. Used OS is Windows XP embedded.


      My problem is that I can't get one of the ethernet ports to work properly. See attached screen dump over the Win XP device manager. HW wise the two ports are identical, however there is always the same port that fails on all 5+ boards assembled.


      I'm running out of ideas. The driver has been updated, both controllers are enabled. Moreover, since both controllers are detected by Win XP some kind of connection must be established.


      My main question is, being a HW designer and not totally wizardous on the SW parts:

      What can I consider to be working/not working when this exclamation mark, "!", is presented in the device manager?


      Obiously, some kind of connection via PCEe must be working, right?


      I would be very grateful for any idea or possible solution.