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    BLDK Supporting policy

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      May i know the BLDK supporting policy?

      1. Will it support all chipset? or specific chipset?

      2.  Is BLDK a long-term project or an experimental project?




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          Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit (BLDK) is a long term program being driven by the Embedded and Communication Group within Intel.  You probably have not seen much promotion about this program, as it is still in early stages, and information about the program is currently only available under CNDA with Intel.   However, in 2011, we are aligning with UEFI and Intel’s efforts on UDK 2010 (see www.tianocore.org), which will allow us to make the Intel BLDK more publically available.  Details will be announced later this year.


          The Intel BLDK will only be available and supported on specific Embedded Intel Architecture platforms, and not all platforms.  You can contact your Intel sales representative to get more details on our Intel BLDK roadmap, and which platforms will be supported.






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