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    Weired Issue in Intel Topcliff usb host Wince 6.0 BSP

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      We are using Intel E6xx topcliff atom processor (tunnel creek) and we enabled the usb host driver in wince 6.0 (Intel_CS_2.5 gold BSP). The ehci driver is loaded but it hung on the while loop i.e, when it is waiting to clear the HCRESET bit by EHCI h/w. This bit is not cleared by H/W. But the same code is working in Intel CRB.


      1. Is there any relation to BIOS setting or we need to set any register before this?

      2. The Halted bit in USBSTS is 0 at very beginning stage before i set the HCRESET BIT. But in normal condition, halted bit should be 1 i.e, very begining stage the host controller should be in halted stage.

      3. We are booting the image using USB pendrive. Does this affect the host driver?

      4. If i disabled the HCReset bit code portion, now the code is getting restart in the below stage (CeSetThreadPriority),


        if (m_hUsbInterruptThread==NULL)
          m_hUsbInterruptThread = CreateThread( 0, 0, UsbInterruptThreadStub, this, 0, NULL );
        if ( m_hUsbInterruptThread == NULL ) {
          DEBUGMSG(1, (TEXT("-CHW::Initialize. Error creating IST\n")));
          return FALSE;
        CeSetThreadPriority( m_hUsbInterruptThread, g_IstThreadPriority );


      Pls advice me on the same.