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    Integrating IP core units with Intel® EP80579

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      Can anyone advise the eligibility requirements to work with Intel Embedded team to integrate own IP core units for a specific SoC solution?


      Does the procedure need to begin with joining as an Embedded Alliance member? Or could this be discussed with design team directly.




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          Hi ka:


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          In order to give you some guidance here, can you please say a little more about what model you have in mind?   For example, do you have some IP that you wish to license to Intel that would be integrated on a part that Intel markets?  Or are you thinking of combining Intel IP with yours to create a SoC that you will market?





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              Hi Felix


              Yes, we are interested in the licensing model, to integrate a set of novel IP core units of much elevance to HPC and acceleration, and take advantage of the lower latency DMA and IO access. In a way, similar to the Intel embedded security appliance that was published in an Intel's white paper.


              If you I could discuss detail with you, I'd appreciate if you might advise me how to contact you in person. I'd otherwise appreciate the information about the procedure to qualify a proposal and discuss detail and your referral to the right Intel contact to progress this with.


              Thanks & regards,