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    Wince 6: network bridging issue using intel 82574L

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      Hi all,
      I'm using WinCE 6.0 on a MSC COM Express board based on an Intel Atom platform (CPU: Z520PT; Chipset Intel US15W).
      The ethernet adapter is the Intel 82574L Gigabit Ethernet Controller.
      I'm stuck because I'm trying to set up a network bridge between the Intel controller and a PCI add-on ethernet adapter (I have tried different boards..) but I can't.
      I can't understand if the Intel Driver for WinCE 6 (e1q51ce6.dll) supports "Network bridging".
      Theorically, that issue should concern the registry settings:


      "DisplayName"="Microsoft Mac Bridge Miniport"




      "DisplayName"="Microsoft Mac Bridge Adapter"










      Any ideas?

      Please help me. Thanks in advance.