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    Debug of EMGD

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      Is there any resource that allows debugging of the EMGD driver? We are attempting to bring SDVO online and not getting any output. If there was some way to debug an error of some kind from the EMGD VBIOS then we could perhaps figure out the issue with our bus design.

      Is there any resouce that allows for source debugging of the VBIOS for any amount of money / NDA agreement?



      Anthony Marchini

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          Kirk Brown Belt

          Unfortunately, we do not provide any readily available mechanism for debug of VBIOS in code.  Because of the nature of bringing up firmware, about the only thing you could do is to use a JTAG debugger from a company like Arium (assuming you have an ITP port on your board).


          To work out a closer workng relationship, you would need to go through your Intel rep (such as Intel Field Sales), or open a request in Premier Support (Quad) if your company has such an account.


          Sorry I cannot be more helpful,



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              Using a JTAG debugger would still sort of require some kind of source. Tripping through code without an idea of what it is operating on is sorta painful.


              Anyways, your information was helpful. I learned what I needed to ask of the head of engineering to make this happen.


              Thank you for your reply