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    A BossPad Demo bass on Atom and our myPass

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      Hello, everyone.


      Today I introduce a BossPad Demo, bass on Atom and our technology, named myPass.


      myPass is a H&S solution help user restore all his/her ID&PWD, and auto-login when needed, authorize by his/her Bio-ID.


      So, with myPass embedded, BossPad can provide Real "Moble Bussiness" for Boss.


      First shows how BossPad protect itself from ilegal user.


      Second shows how to Login IM, Decrypt a classified PDF and Put Digi-signiture.


      Third shows how to manage E-bank (or other Finacial works) under Camara.


      Fourth shows hows cool when shopping online! Also as make B2B transation.


      Last is a comparation with "1Password"-- a famous PWD software.


      If there is any question or want more infor, please contant me, you can call me Shing.

      Thanks for watching!