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    Question about using Sandy Bridge Controller chipset Z68 Express.

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      My name is Himanshu (Him) Rawell.

      I am developing a custom RF project. To that end, I have a question about using Sandy Bridge controller chipset Z68 Express. The motherboard I plan to use is tentatively, PC104-Express of PC/104 Embedded Consortium.

      As a part of project, I want to read and write into SATA 3 Solid State drive at 750 MB/s using Sandy Bridge controller chipset Z68 Express over PCI Express bus using onboard DMA Controller.

      Therefore, I want to know what software or firmware I can use to control the function of Z68 Express through an onboard DMA controller.


      I am new to this forum of Embedded Technology experts therefore I will appreciate your help in knowing how I can expand my network of technical people on this forum.

      Himanshu (Him) Rawell

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          Hello Him:


          I   want to make you aware of a special place to go with questions like  yours.  The Intel® e-Help desk is staffed by Intel representatives who  support select Intel embedded platforms including Sandy Bridge (2nd generation Intel® Core™) and  associated  chipsets.


          To access e-Help, you need to be a Privileged member of the Intel® Embedded Community.

          If you are not already a Privileged member, you can request an upgrade to your community account here:




          In  addition to access to e-Help, Prvileged members may also access the  confidential content within the Intel® Embedded Design Center, such as  design documents, specifications, and training materials.


          I hope this helps.




          J. Felix McNulty

          Community Moderator (Intel contractor)