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    ATM Solution

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      NORCO MITX-6854 in ATM System

      Brief Introduction
      With the high degree of net in financial industry, ATM system becomes more and more popular. In order to meet the need of continuous operation of ATM system, NORCO has developed an embedded motherboard MITX-6854 which could be integrated in this system for comprehensive control.

      Characteristics of ATM System
      The ATM system should be stable and have excellent cooling attribute for it is usually applied in high temperature and humid environment. In addition to that, because its particular applications, it should have some other features. Firstly, handle accounts accurately and rapidly. Secondly, have diverse interfaces for monitoring connections. Lastly, be compatible with various operation platform for flexible combination of software and hardware

      Block Diagram



      The MITX-6854 is based on Intel Atom processor which could handle the ATM system easily. Its low-power-consumption guarantees the regular operation of the cooling system of ATM terminals. The MITX-6854 integrates CF slot and Ethernet, 8×USB as well as 10×COM interfaces, hence it’s easy to connect with diverse monitoring devices. In the meanwhile, as it could be connected with internet, the head office could manage the ATM system timely and efficiently.

      * Based on Intel® 945GSE+ ICH7M, onboard Intel® Atom N270 Processor with 533MHz FSB
      * 1x 200-Pin DDR?400/533MHz SODIMM up to 2GB
      * 18-bit Dual channel LVDS (DVI)/CRT Display Output
      * CRT+DVI?CRT+LVDS support dual independent display
      * 1x 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
      * 1x IDE/2x SATA/1x Type?Compact Flash/8xUSB2.0/1xMini-PCIE/1xLPT/10x COM

      The ATM system based on MITX-6854 motherboard could meet the need of safety and efficiency of banking industry. Besides, the embedded solution, which is developed by NORCO, greatly improves the compatibility and stability of the system.