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    Adobe Flash on US15W

    McLion Brown Belt



      Are there any news that finally enable decent playback of Adobe Flash on the US15W platform.




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          Kirk Brown Belt

          We do have many aspects of Adobe Flash accelerated now, however, it is not something Adobe will be providing generically.  They are requiring OEMs to do a certification of their platform before they can use the acclerated Flash.  That means only SPECIFIC providers will have access to the accelerated Flash player tuned to the new versions of our graphics driver and all that will need to be Adobe certified.


          If you wish to provide such an accelerated platform, you should contact your Intel representative for more detailed information.


          Hope this helps.

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            Green Belt

            On my US15W, with EMGD driver 2048 july 2011 with Windows 7, I have Flash video acceleration using the specific version 10.1 of the flash player (as specified here, search for 'flash' on this page). You can download it on the flash archive page from Adobe, here. Take the '(Released 11/04/2010)  Flash Player and (126 MB)' archive, and extract the file named 'Flash Player\10_1r102_64\flashplayer10_1r102_64_win.exe' and install it (it is indeed a 32 bits version, the 64 in the name is part of the flash version number).
            If the installer tells you that it is not the latest version, you'll have to uninstall your installed version before, using the flash uninstall utility from Adobe, found here.
            (for IE, the file to extract is 'Flash Player\10_1r102_64\flashplayer10_1r102_64_winax.exe')


            I hope this helps. Perhaps it also works with flash 10.3, I have not tested.