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    Phoenix BIOS SecureCore Tiano version 2.05_ | INTEL VTx Hidden and Disable

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      Can Someone help me unlock the Hidden/Advanced features in Phoenix BIOS SecureCore Tiano version 2.05_ for my notebook CCE IRON 746p. I want to be able to Enable or Disable the INTEL VTx.

      The operating system Windows 7 Ultimate x64 is reporting that the disabled is INTEL VTx.

      My processor is Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2630QM.


      Information About BIOS

      • BIOS Type: Intel Corp.
      • BIOS ID: 2.05_
      • BIOS Date: 20110308
      • BIOS Vendor: Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
      • BIOS Version: 2.05_
      • BIOS Size: 2621440
      • Chipset: Intel 104 rev 9
      • Motherboard Name: Intel Corporation
      • Motherboard Model: HuronRiver Platform
      • System Name: Intel Corporation
      • System Model: 0.1
      • Base Manufacturer: Intel Corp.
      • Base Product: Emerald Lake


      Thank you for support.