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    About Intel IEGD driver 10.3.1 and Rotation

    Green Belt

      Hello all,


      Currently, we are planning to use rotation function with 10.3.1 iegd driver.

      We try to set rotation option("180 degree") into xorg.conf and confirm that it works fine. And so, We want to confirm that the function of rotation has no issue(for example, hang up,etc...).

      Is there a problem about using the function of rotation? Please let me know if there are some problem.


      My system arch are,

      - CPU: ATOM Z510(1.1GHz)

      - Mem: 1GB

      - OS: Wind River Linux 4.0 (kernel:2.6.34, Xorg:1.3.0)


      Best Regards,


        • Re: About Intel IEGD driver 10.3.1 and Rotation
          Kirk Brown Belt

          In general, we do not recommned the use of roatation as it is NOT a hardware feature.  We implement it is software in the driver by creating a fake frame buffer to the OS that is in the rotated resolution, then for every frame, we re-render the data to another framebuffer that matches the actual physical display resolution and then shift that data out to the display.  It has a very limited acceptable use case for rotation and negatively impacts driver performance, and has limited capabilities.  It is best to find a actual display that matches the needed orientation, or use the display in its proper designed unrotated orientation.  The limitations to rotation are documented in the USers Guide and in White Papers available for the driver.


          Hope this helps.