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    Looking for old Embedded Microcontroller Development Documentation

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      I am hoping to find some old geezers that might have a copy of "Embedded Microcontrollers & Processors Handbook"  Intel Order # 270645

      and "16 Bit Embedded Microcontrollers Handbook Intel Order # 270640. I and currently working a project on an MCS96 based 80C196KD model microcontroller. I have the User's Guide which is informational but I still need some insight from an Embedded Controller Developer to get me off the starting line. For example, when do I use vertical-window scheme, when do I not use it. Do the hardware engineers tell me where to read and write memory? How do I determine the best usage of internal memory, external memory? When would I use one or the other? As I am programming do I need the controller schematic to understand the pins, interrupts, etc? How do I write a program to download the *.hex file in to OTOProm etc, etc, etc...