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    EMGD version 1.8 and Flash

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      I have the US15W chipset. I am running EMGD 1.8 on Windows 7 SP1. I have Adobe Flash version 10,3,183,7, which is the current version to date.

      Internet explorer and Chrome crash consistently when I attempt to play a flash video. This behavior stops when I disable hw accelerated flash.


      Is there anything that I could try to resolve this problem?

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          Kirk Brown Belt

          It is odd that you are seeing crashes with video- it is definitely not anything we see here with our testing or with any of our big customers using the driver.  There is one thing that could be going on here. If you are using a platform that has a specialized build of the Flash player that comes on some OEM platforms, that can cause problems when used with another graphics driver not customized like it expects.  For example, we have heard of some Acer platforms that seem to have a customized Flash on them that have issues when the graphics driver is replaced with our embedded driver.  The way to correct this is to completely remove Flash from the system, then download the "generic" flash from Adobe.  You might also need to do a "clean" install of the OS if that does not work but you could check with Adobe if there is a way to completely uninstall Flash.


          BTW: We know there are custom versions on Flash because we have one we are creating that enables more accelerataion including DXVA acceleration for video decode (odd that Adobe refuses to use the Windows provided DXVA capabilites that Microsoft enables).  Unfortunately, Adobe requires that only an OEM provide this solution AFTER Adobe certifies it for a specific system- we cannot provide that solution generically.


          Hope this helps, Kirk

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              I am using a generic Flash build from the Adobe website. I have tried both the current version and the newest beta to the same results.


              Perhaps more detailed information would help;

              I am a consumer, not a "big intel customer." My machine is an HP Slate 500. As such, I have been dissatisfied with the performance of the graphics capability of my device. This update has fixed many problems with the GMA 500 driver, including annoying graphics artifacts and worse, non-functioning HW acceleration for OpenGL. This issue with Flash videos crashing the browser is not limited to my machine. If you look here:




              and here:



              you will see that this problem effects two different Sony models with a US15W chipset.


              I appreciate you taking time to respond on this forum. I also appreciate the fact that Intel is finally releasing proper drivers for their product.

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                  Kirk Brown Belt

                  Yes that does to appear to be an issue, but only where the driver is being used in a situation that we did not intend with unintended consequences. Our target for our embedded drivers is for OEMs in embedded markets, not to try to speed up netbook/laptops (although that is an "interesting" use also)..


                  I would guess that internally we are using the Atom special configuration from Adobe in our validation and that it does not experience the issues that are seen in other situations.  I understand that there are ways to configure the generic Adobe Flash that makes it work better with US15W (I've heard rumors) which you would need to get from Adobe.  There are likely some manufacturers have the tweaks in their registry for Adobe.  I am speculating that there may be other Adobe registry tweaks as well that are could cause these other issues as we have NOT had reports of such failures in our intended markets (even without using the US15W enhancement features).  One way to check that would be to compare the registry setting on a non-US15W system with the one on your sysem that experiences the fault.  Anything "out of the ordinary" would be suspect.


                  This is the best I can do to help.



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                I appreciate the time you took to explain your perspective of the situation.