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    Devboard D510 Mini PCI Express issues

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      I have two of the D510 development boards. Per the documentation, it says that if the PCI LANE jumper has no jumper on it, the PCI Express slot is active.


      However, I have two Atheros-based wireless PCI Express mini cards from Habey:



      I have confirmed that both of these cards work by testing them in a Windows-based laptop.


      On both of my D510 boards, however, they seem to be unrecognized in linux when running lspci. I don't see any way in the BIOS to test and see if the machine itself is seeing these cards, and I'm not familiar with how to do that from EFI.


      Any suggestions please? I'm wondering if the PCI Express mini slot on these boards is not functional.

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          Felix_M BlackBelt

          Hello and welcome to the Intel® Embedded Community.


          I checked with Intel's guru on this devboard and he tells me that the PCIe slot is indeed active and has been tested with Intel brand mini-PCIe Wi-Fi cards.

          Since you have verified your cards are functional in your Windows laptop, our guru suggests you try one of the following:

          1.  Load/run linux on your laptop.  He says that Ubuntu netbook usb stick is usually good at wifi (that's what he's been using), and android-x86 usb version is also good.

          2.  Install Windows on the devboard. 

          I hope this helps.




          J. Felix McNulty

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              Felix -


              Unfortunately this does not solve the problem. The operating system is not the issue here.


              The devboard fails to recognize these cards at the PCI level. If I boot into the EFI shell and issue the "pci" command, these wireless cards are not detected.


              I have contacted the manufacturer (Habey USA) and they say that since the card contains an atheros chipset that is both wifi and bluetooth, that it requires USB functionality on the PCI lane. I have gone through the devboard BIOS in the PCI lane setup to see if there is any option to enable this, but I don't find anything.


              Please advise.