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    What is the Stepping?

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      Hi all;


      Pleas help me about "Step" field that appeared in ordering and spec information of Intel® Atom™ processors and chipsets. What is the meaning of A2,A3 or DB characters? Is this the core stepping? What is the meaning of this field for the chipset like Hub controllers? What is the meaning of empty fields? For example, there are 2 part number of E660T, one with B1 step field and other with none! I don't know which is correct selection for my application. Is there any difference between them in bios requirements?



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          Hi Somayeh,

          Think of steppings as something similar to editions to a book (like 1st edition or 7th edition). The letters tend to mean more significant changes & the numbers are smaller revisions. As you know, when you are dealing with millions (or billions) of transistors, it is a very complicated system. Sometimes, after we relase the product, we figure out small changes that can make the product even better. In those cases, we will change the "stepping" of the product & record the change with a letter or number shift, depending on the degree of changes done.


          For many products, you can look for a document called a "SPEC Update" which will help to delineate the changes by stepping series.


          Does that answer your question?


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              Hi Eric,


              Thanks for your reply. I knowed about core stepping but i didn't know this field is meaning that or not! Because some characters like "DB" or empty fileds confused me. Thanks again for yor attention.


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