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    Survey on Computer-on-Modules for my Bachelorthesis

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      Dear Community,


      My name is Fabian Koelle, I am a student of the University of applied sciences in Deggendorf / Germany. I am in the process of writing my bachelor thesis on the subject of computer-on-modules. For this, I perform a study to find out what developers and users of COMs worth set.

      To ajeave a respective outcome of my study I would need the help of developers and users of COMs systems.


      PLEASE HELP ME! It takes just 8 -10 minutes. You can preview and participate in the survey at the following link like:


      English version:



      German version:



      For questions, I have you at any time under fabian.koelle@stud.fh-deggendorf.de available.


      With the best regards

      Fabian Koelle