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    Using CreateFile to open HUB GPIO EG20T

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      I am using the API CreateFile to open the gpo EG20T hub, but is not working, I'm using the following way:


      typedef struct tagGPIO_Device{
      HANDLE        hGPIODevice;
         ioh_gpio_reqt    gpio_reqt;
      } GPIO_Device;


      device->hGPIODevice = NULL;



      The "GUID_DEVINTERFACE_IOHGPIO" I'm taking the "ioh_gpio common.h" that already have defined the values provided by intel.


      0xd326ab9, 0x4298, 0x4394, 0x97, 0xe8, 0xb1, 0x9d, 0xff, 0xc4, 0x9, 0x58);


      I put this function to verify that it does not open and when it is falling, I think this error here "\ \ \ \. \ \ GUID_DEVINTERFACE_IOHGPIO."



      if ( device->hGPIODevice == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE){


      printf("Failed to Open the GPIO device \n");