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    Power Switch in 1-N450

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      Hello all,

      We recently got an intel  1-N450 development board.

      When we short the pins 5 and 6 on the front panel which is supposed to switch it on.

      The board is going to some  ideal state with 03 POST 80h code.

      We are not able to see the boot strap load!!

      and When I connect a lan to my laptop to the board I can see the orange  and green lights flashing, more-ever laptop recognizes the LAN.

      We connected a keyboard and tried pressing some keys on it thinking it might be in the sleep state with no avail.

      When it starts up I can see the lights on the keyboard flash and then keyboard doesn't respond at all!!(i.e by pressing the CAPS LOCK key).

      I don't know what can be done and desperate for help.

      I contacted many intel technicians through chat and personal messages and also those who have used this before with no avail.

      Thank you.

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          Felix_M BlackBelt

          Hello and welcome to the Intel®   Embedded Community,


          I'm the moderator and no technical guru but I've seen a few questions about the power switch so let me take a stab at this one before hooking you up with a technician...


          Per a quote from the user guide, the power switch "provides slightly different behavior from a traditional power switch".


          Are you shorting the pins only momentarily ?   Please see the user guide below, page 32, that describes the result depening on how long you short the pins.




          I hope this helps.




          J. Felix McNulty

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            Its a no! felix, we tried many things.

            We tried to connect a rs-232 cable to the board and given it some serial commands to switch it on and as such.

            It responded to the commands and switched on saying successful, but even then we were unable to see any BIOS popping up.

            We tried BIOS re-flash which stopped flashing in the middle saying it has got a retry request and now we are unable to even see the behaviour of the power button.

            We messed it up!!


            Finally we decided to give this board back and please feed me with instructions on how I can go about it.

            Thank you.

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                Felix_M BlackBelt

                Sorry you are having so much trouble. 


                Do you still have the shipping invoice paperwork that came with the board?   I am told that there is a form attached for returning the board.  Check out this link to a thread where another user had similar problems:




                If you don't have this paperwork, let me know and I will find another way for you to return it.




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                    Well! first of all I wish to know how it is going to be like.

                    Are you going refund me with some money for the faulty piece or

                    Going to replace it with some other of same kind or

                    None of these.

                    According to your reply I would decide upon what to do.

                    If I need to send it back, where should I be sending it?

                    Is it to the place where I got this board that is to US?

                    As I belong to India I dont want to do this bcoz it would take very long.

                    Please suggest me a nearby distrubutor to delhi,India.

                    Thank you.