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    Intel 486DX Latest Documentation

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      Hi there,

      I am currently looking for validation on what the latest document release is for a UG80486DX4WB100. I have contacted Intel support and distributors and they have not been of much help as this is an obsolete product. Intel support then redirected me here in hopes you guys could help me out. Can any of you guys verify that the documents I have in hand are the latest documents addressing any possible erratas? And if not, to point me to a source that has the latest documents?


      Release Date: August 2004
      Order Number: 272771-003


      Embedded Intel486™ Processor Family Developer’s Manual
      Release Date: October 1997
      Order Number: 273021-001


      Embedded Intel486™ Processor Hardware Reference Manual
      Release Date: July 1997
      Order Number: 273025-001


      Intel Architecture Software Developer’s Manual
      Volume 1: Basic Architecture
      Release Date: 1997
      Order Number 243190


      Volume 2: Instruction Set Reference
      Release Date: 1999
      Order Number 243191


      Volume 3: System Programming Guide
      Release Date: 1997
      Order Number 243192

      Really appreciate it. Thanks.

      Kevin Lee