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    UAV atom processor board

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      Im looking for a lightweight atom processor board for deploying on a UAV with the following requirements:

      - lightweight (90 to 200grams)

      - battery powered

      - capable of decent 3D modeling computation

      - Wifi capability

      - usb ports for camera accessories

      I wonder if any of you can help me find a product fitting to the requirements above.


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          Felix_M BlackBelt

          Hello and welcome to the Intel®  Embedded Community,


          The best place to find Atom processor boards is the Intel®  Embedded Alliance Solutions Directory.  Follow the link below and you can search for specific models of Atom as well as some of the characteristics you are looking for.   You will find 100'of commercial, off-the-shelf boards to choose from.




          I hope this helps



          J. Felix McNulty

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