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    connecting to d2700 board

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      I am trying to connect to my hardware target which is the d2700 evaluation board. I have setup eclipse along with Yocto, and have been able to use the emulator in order to run a simple hello world output. I am now trying to connect to the actual hardware and debug using eclipse. When I go to run<debug configurations and attempt to setup a connection with the target I am unsuccessful. When looking at my target from a terminal, I have two ethernet ports, both with hardware addresses, but no IP address. When using the emulator I simply entered the IP address and it connected. Since there was no IP address I'm not sure what to enter in order to connect my host to my physical target. I read online something about a GDBserver that may need to be setup, I'm not sure if i'm on the right path. I'm sure this is a common thing, any assistance helping me connect to my target is appreciated.