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    EMGD 1.10 driver causes WES7 to hang on shutdown

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      Our WES7 image is having trouble shutting down cleanly.  I've seemed to narrow it down to the EMGD driver ( (if I remember correctly)). If I install that driver, the system will not shut down 50% or more of the time.  If I uninstall it, the system shuts down cleanly in less than 10 seconds 100% of the times I've tried it.


      I tried running xbootmgr traces, but it gives no information that's useful to me.


      The driver that I've tried is from the EMGD 1.10 package.


      Any suggestions as to what I can try to fix the shutdown issue?




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          Kirk Brown Belt

          Sounds like you are trying to use EMGD 1.10 build 2208.


          What chipset are you trying to run EMGD on?  If you are using 1.10 it would have to be either the US15W or E6xx chipset.  If not, you do not have the right driver and that might explain some things.


          Are you sure it is the graphics driver causing the shutdown issue?  Many times, because the graphics driver is one of the most visable drivers, it gets blamed for a lot of other driver or software problems.  Network and other specialized storage drivers are often the real cause of an issue that is blamed on the graphics.  How are you sure it is the EMGD driver?


          Shutdown testing is definitely one of the things tested before we "go gold" with a driver, so this is not something that would have been allowed to exist in the driver.  If there is some other odd situation happening, like you are leaving a graphics demo or benchmark, or movie player running when you shutdown, we have sometimes seen situations where those programs do not see the shutdown request from the system and the driver removes resources in the process of shutting down and causes those programs to crash on shutdown process.  These are not graphics drivers issues, but a problem with the application.


          I guess we need a little more infomration to try to help you.



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              Green Belt

              Thanks for the reply.


              The board has an Atom E6xx chipset and EG20T hub.  Windows reports the CPU running at 1 GHz.


              If I do a basic "application compatibility" install of WES7 on the board, it shuts down fine.  If I then install just the graphics driver, I start having hangs on shutdown.  The board currently has WES7 with Intel drivers for the EG20T and EMGD, and a Realtek driver for the sound. With the graphics driver installed, it hangs >50% of the time on shutdown.  If I uninstall the driver, it shuts down cleanly and quickly every time that I have tested it so far.


              There are no other specialized drivers on the board - it uses the default Microsoft driver for the SSD.  I have disabled the EG20T Ethernet controller - the board uses the Intel 82574L network adapter.


              When I do my shutdown testing, no applications are running.


              I am by no means an expert at debugging Windows 7 images, so I do appreciate any suggestions do get to the root of the problem.




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                  Kirk Brown Belt

                  Interesting- that definitely should be working.  There is not a lot the driver does on shutdown and there is not anything it can do to hang shutdown so this is a bit perplexing.  One theory is that there is a priority conflict and we end up with two processes, the driver shutdown sequence and another, with a prioity conflict and the two drivers end up sitting waiting for the other to get done.  I believe WES7 has some ability to adjust driver prioity and you might try bumping up the graphics a notch if I am correct about that capability (Microsoft's MSDN is the place to look for that info).


                  Which board are you using?  Have you tried one of the Intel E6xx CRB's (Crown Bay / Sturgeon Bay /Shell Bay / Little Bay combo)?  I am trying to eliminate any h/w "weirdness" from the equation.


                  You say you are installing the driver- are you using the included SETUP.EXE to install, or the "have disk" method.  The installer actually does a few additional things to make sure everything is set up correctly.


                  One other thing you could try is to follow the instructions to include the driver in the WES7 "catalog" and then build it into the WES7 install image.  I do not think that will change anything.but it is something to try.


                  You could also try a "standard" Win7 install.and see if you get the same issue (my guess is you won't but at leat it will be a data point for root cause).


                  One last question- do you have an Intel Premier Support (QuAD) account as that would make it easier to support you.


                  Make sense??



                  THX, Kirk

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                      We're using an Adlink nanoX-TCR board.


                      I install the driver using the setup.exe, both manually and as a synchronous command during WES7 installation.


                      I have tried to install the driver as an inbox driver, but Windows didn't select the drivers due to the fact that they're not signed.  I think that's what you mean by adding to the catalog?


                      I've done a standardWES7  "application compatibility" install without installing any Intel specific drivers.  I end up with a 640x480 display with very low colour depth and no shutdown issues.  I also don't seem to have any shutdown issues in safe mode, for what it's worth.


                      I don't think that our company has a premier support account.


                      I'm stil researching the driver priority suggestion you mentioned.